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The Truck


It was a dark and cheerless time around these parts. The people were hungry and could not be satisfied. The winter had been long, and the choices had been few. The times called out for nourishment, yet none would be found. That's when two men looked to their past in distant lands that had long been at war and remembered - "STEAMED BAGEL SANDWICHES!" Shortly thereafter they met a tomato farmer, who became the equally infatuated with the cause, and the three of them set off to spread the knowledge far and wide. Suddenly there was hope, and a deep craving roared in the bellies of the townsfolk.


We are the keepers of the steam, and we share with all who know. The rest will learn, just as we did, what it feels like to crave. As Granville becomes the first home of SteamRoller Bagel Sandwiches, we invite you to bring a friend and share in the uprising of the steamed. Your hunger is over, you have met your hot new obsession!

The Shop


In October of 2016 we set about the task of converting a small former insurance shop on Prospect St. in Granville into the very first temple of the keepers of the Steam. We spent the fall pretending to be carpenters, painters, and sculptors - be careful what you pretend to be - and created what is clearly one of the coolest little spaces in Granville. After a joking comment about putting a food truck in the building, we did just that. We bought a broken down truck and proceeded to cut it up and mount it to the wall! Now you can come and eat and play classic video games on the counter, made out of the truck's back doors. You can also tell whether or not we are open based on whether the headlights in our window are on. Yes, we are a little bit proud of ourselves. We deserve to be. Still, we haven't even gotten to the best part about the place - it serves a constant source of our revolutionary sandwiches!

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